Did you know ?

Only 33% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling

while 20% is spent on CRM data entry

Follow Up Faster Than Ever

End record and VOILA! the notes are in your inbox… Take voice activated notes or mark highlights. If you miss anything, don’t worry, we listen for action items and other important things ;)

Populate Salesforce Automatically

“I love filling up my CRM” said no salesperson ever… Don’t worry, we’ll push your notes directly into salesforce along with updating the activity. We’ll also include a link to playback the recording and X-ray your conversations

Never miss a detail, search through speech

With Wrappup, you can search through speech to find any specific moment. We’ll even identify keywords to help you jump through the audio. Wrappup also identifies speakers so you can analyze talk time or playback speaker


All Your Client Meetings in One Place

Face-to-Face meetings

High quality in-person transcripts and voice activated notes on both Android & iOS

Web Conferencing

Host calls & dial-in on Wrappup webRTC or have us connect to your existing 3rd party system

Outbound Calling

Dial-out to any number from the mobile app or web, taking time-stamped notes in real-time

Want Wrappup for your Sales Team?


Seamlessly plug-in to whatever you use


Get everyone involved!

Sales Rep

All your action items at the tip of your fingers. Follow up easier than ever. No more ambiguities.

Sales Managers

View highlights quickly. Assess the situation of any deal. Evaluate the performance of sales reps.

Internal Teams

Easier and simpler-than-ever handovers. Ramp up your colleagues in no time!

Now all that's left to do is to get demo!